Sunday, August 19, 2012

Towel Hooks For The Kids

Another little addition to the kids bathroom, towel hooks. I am on a little bit of an independence kick at the moment. Teaching my lovely little ones how to get their own towel, how to put their washing in the basket, and for Milla: dressing herself consistently, doing the toilet thing completely solo. I think it's an important skill and one that needs to be taught (rather than picked up or assumed they will get it) 

So! To make things a little easier in the process I installed some cute little hooks for their towels right at their level. Which is about at my hip height. 

You can see on the wall where I have removed an old old old towel rail and patched the wall. I have a hatred of towel rails, no idea why, just can't stand them. This bathroom is yet to be painted. That will come once some corners are fixed.
2 Hooks each

My hip height, their reaching up height.


Meanwhile. I painted my first ceiling! It was fun! and a lot easier than anticipated.

This is me relaxing- or more like, trying to get the kink out of my neck... You cant see it in this photo but I have speckles of ceiling white in my hair!

Miss Molly likes to help me blog...