Friday, August 3, 2012

Project: Pallet Wood large Wall Letter A

Been very busy lately putting some more lovely deco touches to my lounge room. Our beloved house guest moved into their own hot little apartment a week ago. Along with them moving- so did many of the decorative things making my house pretty! No, they didn't nick them, I borrowed them while I could, but alas, my time was up and I had to give them back... boo hoo... oh wait! Re-decorating!! Yay!!

One thing that I really wanted was a giant letter A, for Andrew (Our last name). I thought it would add a very family/personal element to the room. Like something that belonged very intimately to us was on display. Love it! But buying one would probably be way too expensive and well, I haven't seen any around to buy- unhelpful.

Pallet Wood Letter A
Size: Large! Oh yeah!

The usual tools.

Make an A Frame

Cut off the crossed over part

Looks a bit like this...

Middle bar, chop-chop

Flip it to the back side, secure it with what ever you have available. 
I had a few small flat L brackets that were lying around

Ta- Dah! A big Letter A. Seeing a random letter around was giving me the giggles cause all I could think of was Sesame Street "What's the letter of the day? A!!"

Paint, paint, dry, dry, position...

For the time being "A" lives here. 
Once I get some frames for the wall it will join them.
 A work in progress


Gorgeous wood grain hinting through the paint. *drool* Nice!
Yes, I love wood grain. Yes, I love textures. Yes, I don't care if you think I'm weird

*Todays photos are watermark free due to technical difficulties, feel free to PIN, but credit where credit is due pretty please! Thanks my loves!*