Saturday, August 18, 2012

Project: Kids Duplo Toothbrush Holder

Recently I have moved the kids back into their own bathroom. For a while they were using my ensuite as it was just easier than navigating the other bathroom that was quiet often occupied. However showering with Makka-Pakka, two boats, handful of foam alphabet letters, four Tupperware bus people, two Ikea sauce pans and a partridge in a pear tree every day was getting a bit overwhelmingly cluttered and painful under foot. 

No more toys!! Said I one day while washing my hair!!!... I digress 

I moved their toiletries over to their sink and thought, I need to get a cup or a proper toothbrush holder for their toothpaste and brushes. But how do I find one that wont break when Phoenix gets too excited about brushing his teeth? 

Sitting on the kiddy stool while Phoenix splashed everywhere in the bath and Milla singing in the shower I had a lightbulb moment!

Duplo Toothbrush Station

Oh yeah! Best Idea!

It's totally washable, sturdy and if it gets pushed off- I can rebuild it, no problems! This particular model has a toothbrush and paste compartment and a tower for the Tupperware Bus Person to sit on. You'll see why there is a person on the tower later.

Toothpaste for the brush brush...

All brushed and ready to rinse

Tupperware people make the best cups!!! 

The Kids love their Toothbrush holder, it is so bright and fun.
 When they get bigger I bet it will get even more customised to suit their needs.