Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Project: Dog Door Instalation

I have my super handy woman powers on *cough cough*... okay modesty. No! No way! I just installed a puppy dog door!! I am super proud right now and wanna walk around the house flexing my non-existent muscles at the admiring crowds- yeah, I'm looking at you Molly Wolly.

I could have just waited till next week for my handy friend to come round and install it for me, but! Yeah, you know me... patience isn't my speciality. My "just checking" to see if it could possibly work. Turned into "maybe I could get this door off"... maybe I could drill this? maybe cut out the square?... maybe I could... Ok all finished and hung back up into place! Ha! Yes!

Now to train Molly Wolly to go in and out when ever she wants. She does it for treats so we are almost there! 

Anyway I'm proud and wanted to share my little achievement. 
It is sticky taped up (rather poorly I must say) so she can get used to it :-)


Then we made cupcakes while Phoenix was having a nap. Milla loves to bake cupcakes, but more than that I think she just loves to lick every ingredient as it goes into the bowl- yup even the flour! weeeeird! And then because I am an awesome mum (well why start being modest now?) She gets to lick the beaters and the spatula... and the bowl! ha! Good thing Phoenix has an egg allergy other wise she would have to share.

 One side licked now onto the other!

 Show us your crazy face!

 Cooking cooking cooking

Lick lick

Crazy face together while watching the cupcakes cook

Smooches! Love this crazy chook