Thursday, August 16, 2012

Play Dough Olympic Rings and Paper Daisies

Are you finding that this year is just zooming by? I cannot believe we are already into August! Phoenixes Second birthday is next month! (my eyeballs are huge right now!)  I am sure the years went slower when I was a kid... was that just me? Must ask Milla how quickly she thinks the year is going. Should be an interesting answer from a four year old.

Well, it turns out that our new puppy Molly is a bit crafty too. I discovered her attempting to pull off a Pinterest project of DIY Mat decorating, yup she felt that motley coloured just wasn't enough for the mat under phoenixes highchair...

 Green is the colour of the season apparently. Molly got the memo, I didn't.  


My gorgeous scrumptious Husband came home with Paper Daisies! Oh my word! My vintage side leapt for joy- My favourite flower comes in vintage style. If you haven't tried Paper Daisies, you should! They are lasting forever and they are just precious. The texture of the petals is great, feels like paper. Something a bit different to the norm, but super cute at the same time.

Paper Daisies in a lolly jar.


Milla has been asking for a while now to make Play Dough again. So we did. I think this lot turned out even better than the first lot we did a while back. Plus we turned it into 4 colours after it was set, which ment we could have more fun.

Squash Squish Squish

Just woke up face

My attempt at Olympic rings

Milla's making Olympic rings


My kids practically live outside now that we have Molly, the giggles that I hear just melt my heart.