Friday, August 10, 2012

Meet Molly Eleanor Andrew

Our family has grown, we have a third child... or at least it feel that way! 

We are the proud parents of a Beagle. Molly Wolly is 17 weeks old, the runt of the litter so she is still very little. She loves to snuggle, sleep and has mastered fetch so far. The kids are totally head over heals in love with her. And surprisingly this is Davids first dog! So you can just imagine how spoilt our Molly is.

This little muffin has come to snooze the day away with us.

Little Miss loves to catch some rays.

We were going to adopt an older 3 year old beagle who needed a new home, but it fell through at the last moment. It was after that fell through that I stumbled upon a few numbers of people selling Pure bread Beagle puppies. I rang one and they only had one beagle left, the runt of the litter, a girl, 16 weeks old. Normally the puppies are sold at 8 weeks, so she had been waiting and waiting for a forever home. Look at those eyes! How could I resist such a beauty?! I love that she is the runt and little.

She belongs with us.

Phoenix loves loves Molly

Molly loves, loves Phoenix. 


Yup! Ha!! Isn't she such a character?

Hope you have a great weekend!!
Get out and enjoy the sunshine (if you have some!!)