Thursday, August 30, 2012

Forced to Stop Week

I've hurt my lower back... Who knows what doing! I cannot pin it down to anything in particular. I guess it's the combination of absolutely everything that I shouldn't do but give it a go anyways and lifting/running about after children. So most projects have come to an unbearable halt till I am functioning better.

Boooohooooohoooooo *sob*sob*

Ok I will be fine...

Boo hoo hooo!!!!

In the mean time: I am siting in my shiatsu massage chair, hoping that by some miracle I wake up tomorrow completely better and ready to build a cubby house?! Well, one can hope. My beloved and I are doing a 21 day detox- which I'm loving so far (day 5 we are up to). Basically just eating exceptionally well for 21 days. The kids are eating better too as a result. Mummy heart is very happy about that!!

Hope you are well and fighting fit!!

P.S this post is via my phone so please have some grammar grace and just ignore spelling :-) ok? Great! Xx

P.P.S. just do that with every post ok :-)