Saturday, August 11, 2012

At The Local Parklands

It's winter here in Sydney. Our winter is supposed to be cold and wet, but not this year. It is beautiful. The sunshine lately is so lovely that it just draws you out into it and the sky has been crystal clear with not a cloud in it.  Almost like a start to a Princess Story book.  

Once upon a time in a land far far away, 
a mighty land girt by sea and who's history 
bore incredible tales of bravery and sacrifice there lived... 
well, us. We live here. 

Anyways, we made the most of the sunshine and went out to a local parkland to celebrate my beautiful friends birthday. I, as always took my camera and got snap happy. I think it was about 300 photos in the end! Ha! Of a little bring your own lunch picnic impromptu birthday party. 

Here's a couple of happy snaps of the kids doing their thing!

 Milla and her bestie Asha

The girls again, this is more like them together! Ha! Funny Faces!!

The Phoenix, he so desperately wants to ride a bike. His little legs are just not quite long enough to reach the pedals on this one. The bell had a big work out tho! 

I can't wait for spring!! Not long now! This year we will be teaching the kids how to ride bikes, fun!