Thursday, August 30, 2012

Forced to Stop Week

I've hurt my lower back... Who knows what doing! I cannot pin it down to anything in particular. I guess it's the combination of absolutely everything that I shouldn't do but give it a go anyways and lifting/running about after children. So most projects have come to an unbearable halt till I am functioning better.

Boooohooooohoooooo *sob*sob*

Ok I will be fine...

Boo hoo hooo!!!!

In the mean time: I am siting in my shiatsu massage chair, hoping that by some miracle I wake up tomorrow completely better and ready to build a cubby house?! Well, one can hope. My beloved and I are doing a 21 day detox- which I'm loving so far (day 5 we are up to). Basically just eating exceptionally well for 21 days. The kids are eating better too as a result. Mummy heart is very happy about that!!

Hope you are well and fighting fit!!

P.S this post is via my phone so please have some grammar grace and just ignore spelling :-) ok? Great! Xx

P.P.S. just do that with every post ok :-)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Towel Hooks For The Kids

Another little addition to the kids bathroom, towel hooks. I am on a little bit of an independence kick at the moment. Teaching my lovely little ones how to get their own towel, how to put their washing in the basket, and for Milla: dressing herself consistently, doing the toilet thing completely solo. I think it's an important skill and one that needs to be taught (rather than picked up or assumed they will get it) 

So! To make things a little easier in the process I installed some cute little hooks for their towels right at their level. Which is about at my hip height. 

You can see on the wall where I have removed an old old old towel rail and patched the wall. I have a hatred of towel rails, no idea why, just can't stand them. This bathroom is yet to be painted. That will come once some corners are fixed.
2 Hooks each

My hip height, their reaching up height.


Meanwhile. I painted my first ceiling! It was fun! and a lot easier than anticipated.

This is me relaxing- or more like, trying to get the kink out of my neck... You cant see it in this photo but I have speckles of ceiling white in my hair!

Miss Molly likes to help me blog...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Project: Kids Duplo Toothbrush Holder

Recently I have moved the kids back into their own bathroom. For a while they were using my ensuite as it was just easier than navigating the other bathroom that was quiet often occupied. However showering with Makka-Pakka, two boats, handful of foam alphabet letters, four Tupperware bus people, two Ikea sauce pans and a partridge in a pear tree every day was getting a bit overwhelmingly cluttered and painful under foot. 

No more toys!! Said I one day while washing my hair!!!... I digress 

I moved their toiletries over to their sink and thought, I need to get a cup or a proper toothbrush holder for their toothpaste and brushes. But how do I find one that wont break when Phoenix gets too excited about brushing his teeth? 

Sitting on the kiddy stool while Phoenix splashed everywhere in the bath and Milla singing in the shower I had a lightbulb moment!

Duplo Toothbrush Station

Oh yeah! Best Idea!

It's totally washable, sturdy and if it gets pushed off- I can rebuild it, no problems! This particular model has a toothbrush and paste compartment and a tower for the Tupperware Bus Person to sit on. You'll see why there is a person on the tower later.

Toothpaste for the brush brush...

All brushed and ready to rinse

Tupperware people make the best cups!!! 

The Kids love their Toothbrush holder, it is so bright and fun.
 When they get bigger I bet it will get even more customised to suit their needs.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Repurposed Napkin Holder

We go through quite a lot of craft paper and every time Milla starts a new project and wants a piece of paper she has to ask me to get it for her. It's in the cupboard, and it has to be torn out of a big pad of coloured craft paper. Ok, so this little trip is getting tiring (all 4 steps of it ha!) We needed an easier and more accessible solution to this problem situation. You know, so she can gain independence and what-nots. Ha!

Lazy mummy solution to excessive need of paper...
A Napkin holder.
 Thanks Kmart for cheap craft supplies!

I spent a minute tearing all the coloured paper out of the book and put it in an upright napkin holder.

Can't get more easy access than that can it!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Play Dough Olympic Rings and Paper Daisies

Are you finding that this year is just zooming by? I cannot believe we are already into August! Phoenixes Second birthday is next month! (my eyeballs are huge right now!)  I am sure the years went slower when I was a kid... was that just me? Must ask Milla how quickly she thinks the year is going. Should be an interesting answer from a four year old.

Well, it turns out that our new puppy Molly is a bit crafty too. I discovered her attempting to pull off a Pinterest project of DIY Mat decorating, yup she felt that motley coloured just wasn't enough for the mat under phoenixes highchair...

 Green is the colour of the season apparently. Molly got the memo, I didn't.  


My gorgeous scrumptious Husband came home with Paper Daisies! Oh my word! My vintage side leapt for joy- My favourite flower comes in vintage style. If you haven't tried Paper Daisies, you should! They are lasting forever and they are just precious. The texture of the petals is great, feels like paper. Something a bit different to the norm, but super cute at the same time.

Paper Daisies in a lolly jar.


Milla has been asking for a while now to make Play Dough again. So we did. I think this lot turned out even better than the first lot we did a while back. Plus we turned it into 4 colours after it was set, which ment we could have more fun.

Squash Squish Squish

Just woke up face

My attempt at Olympic rings

Milla's making Olympic rings


My kids practically live outside now that we have Molly, the giggles that I hear just melt my heart.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Project: Dog Door Instalation

I have my super handy woman powers on *cough cough*... okay modesty. No! No way! I just installed a puppy dog door!! I am super proud right now and wanna walk around the house flexing my non-existent muscles at the admiring crowds- yeah, I'm looking at you Molly Wolly.

I could have just waited till next week for my handy friend to come round and install it for me, but! Yeah, you know me... patience isn't my speciality. My "just checking" to see if it could possibly work. Turned into "maybe I could get this door off"... maybe I could drill this? maybe cut out the square?... maybe I could... Ok all finished and hung back up into place! Ha! Yes!

Now to train Molly Wolly to go in and out when ever she wants. She does it for treats so we are almost there! 

Anyway I'm proud and wanted to share my little achievement. 
It is sticky taped up (rather poorly I must say) so she can get used to it :-)


Then we made cupcakes while Phoenix was having a nap. Milla loves to bake cupcakes, but more than that I think she just loves to lick every ingredient as it goes into the bowl- yup even the flour! weeeeird! And then because I am an awesome mum (well why start being modest now?) She gets to lick the beaters and the spatula... and the bowl! ha! Good thing Phoenix has an egg allergy other wise she would have to share.

 One side licked now onto the other!

 Show us your crazy face!

 Cooking cooking cooking

Lick lick

Crazy face together while watching the cupcakes cook

Smooches! Love this crazy chook

Saturday, August 11, 2012

At The Local Parklands

It's winter here in Sydney. Our winter is supposed to be cold and wet, but not this year. It is beautiful. The sunshine lately is so lovely that it just draws you out into it and the sky has been crystal clear with not a cloud in it.  Almost like a start to a Princess Story book.  

Once upon a time in a land far far away, 
a mighty land girt by sea and who's history 
bore incredible tales of bravery and sacrifice there lived... 
well, us. We live here. 

Anyways, we made the most of the sunshine and went out to a local parkland to celebrate my beautiful friends birthday. I, as always took my camera and got snap happy. I think it was about 300 photos in the end! Ha! Of a little bring your own lunch picnic impromptu birthday party. 

Here's a couple of happy snaps of the kids doing their thing!

 Milla and her bestie Asha

The girls again, this is more like them together! Ha! Funny Faces!!

The Phoenix, he so desperately wants to ride a bike. His little legs are just not quite long enough to reach the pedals on this one. The bell had a big work out tho! 

I can't wait for spring!! Not long now! This year we will be teaching the kids how to ride bikes, fun!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Meet Molly Eleanor Andrew

Our family has grown, we have a third child... or at least it feel that way! 

We are the proud parents of a Beagle. Molly Wolly is 17 weeks old, the runt of the litter so she is still very little. She loves to snuggle, sleep and has mastered fetch so far. The kids are totally head over heals in love with her. And surprisingly this is Davids first dog! So you can just imagine how spoilt our Molly is.

This little muffin has come to snooze the day away with us.

Little Miss loves to catch some rays.

We were going to adopt an older 3 year old beagle who needed a new home, but it fell through at the last moment. It was after that fell through that I stumbled upon a few numbers of people selling Pure bread Beagle puppies. I rang one and they only had one beagle left, the runt of the litter, a girl, 16 weeks old. Normally the puppies are sold at 8 weeks, so she had been waiting and waiting for a forever home. Look at those eyes! How could I resist such a beauty?! I love that she is the runt and little.

She belongs with us.

Phoenix loves loves Molly

Molly loves, loves Phoenix. 


Yup! Ha!! Isn't she such a character?

Hope you have a great weekend!!
Get out and enjoy the sunshine (if you have some!!) 

Thursday, August 9, 2012


The inter-webs has been playing up once again. Boo to that. So I haven't been able to write a post all week. I don't like it!! It will get sorted soon.

Let's chat soon hey? Ok cool!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Project: Pallet Wood large Wall Letter A

Been very busy lately putting some more lovely deco touches to my lounge room. Our beloved house guest moved into their own hot little apartment a week ago. Along with them moving- so did many of the decorative things making my house pretty! No, they didn't nick them, I borrowed them while I could, but alas, my time was up and I had to give them back... boo hoo... oh wait! Re-decorating!! Yay!!

One thing that I really wanted was a giant letter A, for Andrew (Our last name). I thought it would add a very family/personal element to the room. Like something that belonged very intimately to us was on display. Love it! But buying one would probably be way too expensive and well, I haven't seen any around to buy- unhelpful.

Pallet Wood Letter A
Size: Large! Oh yeah!

The usual tools.

Make an A Frame

Cut off the crossed over part

Looks a bit like this...

Middle bar, chop-chop

Flip it to the back side, secure it with what ever you have available. 
I had a few small flat L brackets that were lying around

Ta- Dah! A big Letter A. Seeing a random letter around was giving me the giggles cause all I could think of was Sesame Street "What's the letter of the day? A!!"

Paint, paint, dry, dry, position...

For the time being "A" lives here. 
Once I get some frames for the wall it will join them.
 A work in progress


Gorgeous wood grain hinting through the paint. *drool* Nice!
Yes, I love wood grain. Yes, I love textures. Yes, I don't care if you think I'm weird

*Todays photos are watermark free due to technical difficulties, feel free to PIN, but credit where credit is due pretty please! Thanks my loves!*