Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We Saw Playschool

My kids love the Kids TV show Playschool, we own a lot of the DVDs. Milla went through a few years of absolute Playschool adoration and Phoenix has just entered it too. Every day I hear "Pay ool! Pay ool!!" as Phoenix comes running in with his favourite DVD in hand. I love Playschool too, I must admit I have my favourite hosts and it cracks me up when they get things muddled up. I love the educational thread through the program and how much creativity it stirs in my kids. 

While we were outside Mud Painting the other day, David pressed a newspaper page onto the window for us to see. I initially thought it was just a clip about someone who finally got their dream job on Playschool- But then David pointed to the next box... Playschool Concert Monday local RSL...

*insert mummy jumping up and down excitedly!!*

That night I got us tickets

Be warned! Lots of photos to follow... remember Mummy is excited :-) 

Just arrived... It's a dance party

Eeek! It's started!! Phoenix is a bumble bee in his cute shirt.

Milla. This face and the delight in her eyes is what makes the effort
 to get to the concert totally worth it! Love my girl!

Phoenix. Had hand contact with me for the first half 
before he got courageous and followed his sister around

Big Ted! In the flesh Fur!!  And Abi and Jay

All the hundreds of kids were so involved, up and dancing and singing along.

All our favourite teddies in one place. My childhood dreams all coming true.

Getting braver, wandering around with his popcorn haha! 
Checking out every ones dance moves

Twinkle Twinkle

On stage with Big Ted and Humpty and real Big Ted. Yes, we brought all our Playschool 
teddies with us. I learnt that from last time Milla and I went. 

Oh! And we got photos and signatures from both Abi and Jay.
(Playschool Fans much?!)