Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Water Painting

Want to do some painting without mess? You could do the ziplock bag no-mess painting we did the other day, Mud Painting probably isn't for you, but this! This would work perfectly! No mess, no clean up, And! And! No paper to have to decided if it's Picasso enough to keep or throw away. I always feel bad tossing out the kids scribbles master pieces. 

Easiest Craft ever!!

Grab a paint brush and a little tub of water.

Paint everything!!! 

We started with the pathway...

Mastered the art of "dip dip"

Painting the house for me

It dries up and leaves no mess for you to clean. Loooove it! 

My kids do this often because it gets them outside and is unstructured art play, imagination building, and mostly because its free!