Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project: Build a Large Canvas

I love building my own canvases, it is beyond easy to make. I would call this a 1 out of 10 for skill level, one being; easy-peasey and ten being; only-in-my-dreams! Making it can be a lot cheaper than buying them. Plus! I can custom build them to the size I want and design I want... This canvas frame cost me under $5 to build, and then the next price depends on what fabric I choose.

Build a Large Canvas
You'll need...
4x pine, cut to the size you need
8x screws
Staple gun

 I found it easiest to drill some pilot holes, 2 on either end of the outside lengths. 
Otherwise the pine tends to split. 

Lay it out... this was me making some pilot holes
Drill 2 screws into each corner to make the frame

Lay out your fabric face down.
Put the frame on top

Fold the fabric over the frame, staple it into place

Helpful Hint-- Don't staple it this way (vertical), because when you pull the fabric taught it will tear easier

Horizontal holds better and distributes the pressure better, less tears.

How to staple the fabric on!
Staple opposite sides starting with the middles.

So, Staple the middle at the bottom of the frame, then the top in the middle, 
left side in the middle, right side in the middle.... pulling the fabric taught with every staple.
Then move to the right of each current staple on every side.
Then the left of the middle staples...
Then fold the corners neatly and staple.

If you plan on painting your canvas make the fabric really tight, 
if you're not painting it then make it however tight you want it doesn't matter. 


Before! Tiny Canvases. Especially when I take a photo of it! Why does everything seem smaller in a photo than in real life?? So I moved the yellow canvases to a different blank wall (Yay! Gap fillers :-) and decided it was time for bigger canvases for this space.

Large canvases times two! 

I'm still working on my lounge room, changing little bit by little, until I am happy with it. I am watching State Fair (classic movie of the day!)


Retro Print

From Phoenixes level

 Cosy little corner

My little helper

The possibilities are huge with designing your own canvas because there are so many cute fabrics out there, you can even paint on top of a printed fabric design to give it some texture and body.

If you make one, feel free to email me a picture!! I'd love to see what you come up with!