Sunday, July 15, 2012

No Mess Finger Painting

Saturday was a home day and we needed some activities to keep the kids from walking around in circles bored. Thanks to the efforts of wonderful blogger mums and Pinterest we decided to do finger painting. But not normal finger painting

Phoenix is notorious for spreading mess from here to Timbuktu, so the thought of letting him have at the paint and running a muck wasn't too appealing on such a relaxed day... OK, I had just finished cleaning the house! Selfish reasoning, but true.

No Mess Finger Painting 

Zip Lock Bags full of paint 
We stuck them onto our back glass door. But you could put them anywhere.

Next time I'll put a little less paint into the bags.

We eventually took them off the door so Milla could give them a good squish. Ha! 


Many options and varieties of No Mess Finger Painting