Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nature Adventure

Do you ever have those days where everyone is going stir crazy? The kids seem on top of each other all the time, not wanting to share, dibb-a-dobbing, making mess everywhere, and well, I bet you know the list already. That little list that lets you know that they are in desperate need for some mental or physical stimulation. 

On that beautiful coffee ridden, stir-crazy day with little kiddies at home. Grip onto your last strain of sanity (I know it never happens to anyone else, just me) Try this little trick.... "Lets go for a Nature Adventure!!" Their little eyes will go so wide with excitement.

Grab a couple of shopping bags, hats and boots and head out into the wilderness... err... neighbourhood. We did a walk around the closest block and boy-o-boy did it help with the stir-crazy blues we were all suffering from. Amazing what a little sunshine and fresh air can do for everyone.

As you're adventuring collect different shaped leaves, different coloured flowers, sticks, weeds, grass, anything that looks interesting. The kids love to put things into their own bag, give extras to each other and talk about what they have found. Learning without knowing is great.

Nature Adventure!

Adventure is out there!!

 Pointing to the things she is going to collect


 Lots of colours. 
Phoenix managed to fall into two garden beds throughout our walk. Ha! 
Phoenix:0 Flower Bed:2

Um... attempting to steal garden lights! 


What to do with all that nature you collect?
Grab some glue and some paper and see what your kiddies come up with.  

We made a book called "Our Nature Walk" ... Sorry it's limited edition, not available on Book Depository

It required lots of glue

Title page

Lots to choose from

The End.

The left over flowers and leaves went into a cute jar as a nature display.