Monday, July 16, 2012

Mud Painting

Milla and Phoenix love to play in the mud. And I mean- love. When they are free range playing in the back yard I can guarantee that one or both of them are "planting flowers" in the dirt and watering it to make it grow. It's quite cute and also requires an immediate mid day shower... can't wait for summer when I can just hose them down!

I decided that it was time for some painting and what better place to do it than- outside! Where I don't have to worry about the mess or threat of paint landing on my freshly painted walls. The kids were also in need of some outdoor play for the day. So I grabbed the nearest paint brushes, two big pieces of paper (which just so happen to be Ariel and Jasmine), sticky tape and a container. 

Mud Painting

The Kids loved it!! 

Mixed up some premium grade paint- aka - dirt and water.

Taped up some paper onto our windows.
I love how Milla paints with such detail... And Phoenix just goes for it.

Dip, Dip, splodge splodge

Phoenix's abstract masterpiece.

Milla's realism masterpiece 

Spiderman... I mean David (who was the willing face paint subject for Milla earlier in the day) got roped in to help out.

Hello! Come paint with me?? OK! 

Take the paper down, hose off the windows and the paint brushes, put the two kids in the shower for some fun in the bubbles! 

Too Easy!