Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heavenly Hardwear Trip

I just went to heaven, no joke, well kinda, Bunnings just opened a new store very too close to my house. When I saw the big banners with NOW OPEN! I was like a thirteen year old girl who just won Justin Beiber concert tickets or a six year old in a candy shop... You get my point. I was way too excited and making squealing noises reserved for those younger than myself with no self control. Oh well.

Eeeeeek!!! New Bunnings!

We drove into the carpark.

We (Phoenix and I) pressed the lift button.

It opened.

We went in.

It went up.

It opened...

The angels started singing such a sweet melody. We stepped onto the freshly polished cement floors. Pushed a brand spankin' new trolley and stood there taking in the grand view. This is where I feel refreshed. Ha!

Stairway to heaven! This baby has 2 levels!!

Seriously I am in pine heaven.

If I don't write for a few day you know where to find me!!

"I shall call it Paint Shop and it shall be my paint shop." Said Dory

Phoenix and I even had an adventure through the big playground. Milla is gonna love it.