Monday, July 9, 2012

Good Morning!

Good morning all my wonderful friends, it is an overcast but sunny Monday morning here in Sydney town, 7:35am and I am the only one who has risen from the warmth of bed to start the day. Seems my body clock likes 7am and sticks to it regardless of the opportunity to sleep in. meh.

I have been away from bloggy for a few weeks now, June/July is always a hectic time period in our household, Millas birthday, car registrations and what-nots, Davids birthday-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!!!-- and Hillsong Conference. Oh how I have missed my bloggy tho!

This week is supposed to be a rest week, full of home time for the kids to chill out and play in the mud. Phoenix has all of a sudden fallen head over heels in love with Playschool so that is what most of our viewing is. I will stick to Sense and Sensibility on my laptop... the old version, not the new one with Kate Winslet.

I have my eye on a pallet that is poking out of my shed. It has been giving me the eyes lately, I bet it knows it has a date with my electric saw at any moment, ha! Need to make another chalkboard for a friend, a TV unit and an outside toy box. Must stop procrastinating!

Much love!!