Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Don't Chop The Carrot!

So I had a small revelation while cooking dinner tonight, it's strange how that happens when you're doing the most mundane things and all of a sudden- light bulb! (totally said that like Gru in Despicable Me)

Anyways, where was I? Grating my carrots! I had already pealed them and top an' tailed them (chopped off the top and bottom). Grate, grate, grate, when... Pause for effect... No didn't get my finger. I'm left with the last chunk of good carrot that I just can't grip hold of enough to grate it and not loose some finger tips. What a waste. Have to eat it instead.

I'm sure they make some kind of fan-dangled-nifty-gadget (yes I'm Aussie and loosely translated that says "a smart invention") that grates complete carrots with no wastage or lost fingers. Blah, blah I don't have one or want one.

No joke, this post is actually all about my experience tonight grating carrots!! Ha! Hey! Oprah said to share your "Ah-ha" moments, so I am!

So my revelation?

Don't top and tail the carrot! Just top it

As in, only cut off the end you're about to start grating. That way, by the time you get left with that annoying little slippery chunk that won't grate- it's the tail! The bit you would normally have chopped off in the beginning!

Oh yes. You're welcome. Ha! One day you will be grating carrots and remember this life altering tid-bit :-P