Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boredom Busters... Foam Painting

Foam Paint is very easy to make. Shaving cream and food colouring, mix them together and what do you get? Fluffy, bubbly, paint. On this particular day I didn't have any shaving cream... cause daddy is rocking a three-day-growth beard. So we had to improvise and used shower foam (basically body wash but it was a foam one)

It smelt so nice!

I had some professional help

"dip dip, dip dip, dip dip" repeated a lot from Phoenix 

It's the start of something... Painting outside on some cardboard. Next t

Can't wait to do this again with shaving cream- it will be even more messy fun!

In summer, I plan on putting lots of shaving cream on plastic and letting them have at it. What a wonderful glorious mess that will be!