Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boredom Busters... Foam Painting

Foam Paint is very easy to make. Shaving cream and food colouring, mix them together and what do you get? Fluffy, bubbly, paint. On this particular day I didn't have any shaving cream... cause daddy is rocking a three-day-growth beard. So we had to improvise and used shower foam (basically body wash but it was a foam one)

It smelt so nice!

I had some professional help

"dip dip, dip dip, dip dip" repeated a lot from Phoenix 

It's the start of something... Painting outside on some cardboard. Next t

Can't wait to do this again with shaving cream- it will be even more messy fun!

In summer, I plan on putting lots of shaving cream on plastic and letting them have at it. What a wonderful glorious mess that will be!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Boredom Busters... Pipe Cleaners

Pipe Cleaners and a Spaghetti strainer. Amazing that a few little things can be so entertaining! 

If your tots have some coordination and some fine motor skills (which this will definitely help build) then grab a few supplies from your cupboard and craft supplies. I got a bunch of pipe cleaners from Kmart for two dollars. Not a big investment for a bunch of simple fun.

 Show the Kids how to poke it through, then let them at it. No rules. They even tried it on as a hat.

 Milla designed some awesome twirly ones

Phoenix tasted Millas awesome twirly ones ha!

Handy Tip: Don't keep these kind of activities out all day. 
I give it about 30 mins and then pack it up or change it to something else. So that I can bring it out another day and it will still be interesting.

Pulling them out was Phoenixes favourite... Milla wasn't impressed with his hap-hazard ways

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nature Adventure

Do you ever have those days where everyone is going stir crazy? The kids seem on top of each other all the time, not wanting to share, dibb-a-dobbing, making mess everywhere, and well, I bet you know the list already. That little list that lets you know that they are in desperate need for some mental or physical stimulation. 

On that beautiful coffee ridden, stir-crazy day with little kiddies at home. Grip onto your last strain of sanity (I know it never happens to anyone else, just me) Try this little trick.... "Lets go for a Nature Adventure!!" Their little eyes will go so wide with excitement.

Grab a couple of shopping bags, hats and boots and head out into the wilderness... err... neighbourhood. We did a walk around the closest block and boy-o-boy did it help with the stir-crazy blues we were all suffering from. Amazing what a little sunshine and fresh air can do for everyone.

As you're adventuring collect different shaped leaves, different coloured flowers, sticks, weeds, grass, anything that looks interesting. The kids love to put things into their own bag, give extras to each other and talk about what they have found. Learning without knowing is great.

Nature Adventure!

Adventure is out there!!

 Pointing to the things she is going to collect


 Lots of colours. 
Phoenix managed to fall into two garden beds throughout our walk. Ha! 
Phoenix:0 Flower Bed:2

Um... attempting to steal garden lights! 


What to do with all that nature you collect?
Grab some glue and some paper and see what your kiddies come up with.  

We made a book called "Our Nature Walk" ... Sorry it's limited edition, not available on Book Depository

It required lots of glue

Title page

Lots to choose from

The End.

The left over flowers and leaves went into a cute jar as a nature display.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Water Painting

Want to do some painting without mess? You could do the ziplock bag no-mess painting we did the other day, Mud Painting probably isn't for you, but this! This would work perfectly! No mess, no clean up, And! And! No paper to have to decided if it's Picasso enough to keep or throw away. I always feel bad tossing out the kids scribbles master pieces. 

Easiest Craft ever!!

Grab a paint brush and a little tub of water.

Paint everything!!! 

We started with the pathway...

Mastered the art of "dip dip"

Painting the house for me

It dries up and leaves no mess for you to clean. Loooove it! 

My kids do this often because it gets them outside and is unstructured art play, imagination building, and mostly because its free!   

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project: Build a Large Canvas

I love building my own canvases, it is beyond easy to make. I would call this a 1 out of 10 for skill level, one being; easy-peasey and ten being; only-in-my-dreams! Making it can be a lot cheaper than buying them. Plus! I can custom build them to the size I want and design I want... This canvas frame cost me under $5 to build, and then the next price depends on what fabric I choose.

Build a Large Canvas
You'll need...
4x pine, cut to the size you need
8x screws
Staple gun

 I found it easiest to drill some pilot holes, 2 on either end of the outside lengths. 
Otherwise the pine tends to split. 

Lay it out... this was me making some pilot holes
Drill 2 screws into each corner to make the frame

Lay out your fabric face down.
Put the frame on top

Fold the fabric over the frame, staple it into place

Helpful Hint-- Don't staple it this way (vertical), because when you pull the fabric taught it will tear easier

Horizontal holds better and distributes the pressure better, less tears.

How to staple the fabric on!
Staple opposite sides starting with the middles.

So, Staple the middle at the bottom of the frame, then the top in the middle, 
left side in the middle, right side in the middle.... pulling the fabric taught with every staple.
Then move to the right of each current staple on every side.
Then the left of the middle staples...
Then fold the corners neatly and staple.

If you plan on painting your canvas make the fabric really tight, 
if you're not painting it then make it however tight you want it doesn't matter. 


Before! Tiny Canvases. Especially when I take a photo of it! Why does everything seem smaller in a photo than in real life?? So I moved the yellow canvases to a different blank wall (Yay! Gap fillers :-) and decided it was time for bigger canvases for this space.

Large canvases times two! 

I'm still working on my lounge room, changing little bit by little, until I am happy with it. I am watching State Fair (classic movie of the day!)


Retro Print

From Phoenixes level

 Cosy little corner

My little helper

The possibilities are huge with designing your own canvas because there are so many cute fabrics out there, you can even paint on top of a printed fabric design to give it some texture and body.

If you make one, feel free to email me a picture!! I'd love to see what you come up with!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heavenly Hardwear Trip

I just went to heaven, no joke, well kinda, Bunnings just opened a new store very too close to my house. When I saw the big banners with NOW OPEN! I was like a thirteen year old girl who just won Justin Beiber concert tickets or a six year old in a candy shop... You get my point. I was way too excited and making squealing noises reserved for those younger than myself with no self control. Oh well.

Eeeeeek!!! New Bunnings!

We drove into the carpark.

We (Phoenix and I) pressed the lift button.

It opened.

We went in.

It went up.

It opened...

The angels started singing such a sweet melody. We stepped onto the freshly polished cement floors. Pushed a brand spankin' new trolley and stood there taking in the grand view. This is where I feel refreshed. Ha!

Stairway to heaven! This baby has 2 levels!!

Seriously I am in pine heaven.

If I don't write for a few day you know where to find me!!

"I shall call it Paint Shop and it shall be my paint shop." Said Dory

Phoenix and I even had an adventure through the big playground. Milla is gonna love it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We Saw Playschool

My kids love the Kids TV show Playschool, we own a lot of the DVDs. Milla went through a few years of absolute Playschool adoration and Phoenix has just entered it too. Every day I hear "Pay ool! Pay ool!!" as Phoenix comes running in with his favourite DVD in hand. I love Playschool too, I must admit I have my favourite hosts and it cracks me up when they get things muddled up. I love the educational thread through the program and how much creativity it stirs in my kids. 

While we were outside Mud Painting the other day, David pressed a newspaper page onto the window for us to see. I initially thought it was just a clip about someone who finally got their dream job on Playschool- But then David pointed to the next box... Playschool Concert Monday local RSL...

*insert mummy jumping up and down excitedly!!*

That night I got us tickets

Be warned! Lots of photos to follow... remember Mummy is excited :-) 

Just arrived... It's a dance party

Eeek! It's started!! Phoenix is a bumble bee in his cute shirt.

Milla. This face and the delight in her eyes is what makes the effort
 to get to the concert totally worth it! Love my girl!

Phoenix. Had hand contact with me for the first half 
before he got courageous and followed his sister around

Big Ted! In the flesh Fur!!  And Abi and Jay

All the hundreds of kids were so involved, up and dancing and singing along.

All our favourite teddies in one place. My childhood dreams all coming true.

Getting braver, wandering around with his popcorn haha! 
Checking out every ones dance moves

Twinkle Twinkle

On stage with Big Ted and Humpty and real Big Ted. Yes, we brought all our Playschool 
teddies with us. I learnt that from last time Milla and I went. 

Oh! And we got photos and signatures from both Abi and Jay.
(Playschool Fans much?!)