Saturday, June 23, 2012

Using Fabric To Cover A Cake Base

Cake Bases are usually covered in aluminium foil, which is a great option because it is easy to clean if any icing gets onto it during the cake decorating process. However, sometimes I find that Al-foil just doesn't have the Pa-zaz that I'm chasing. So I thought I would try something different by using some cute fabric I have in my crafty boxes. 

Usually I cover my chopping board and use that as the solid cake base, I don't see the point in buying something like a proper cake base when I can use cardboard for a round one and my chopping boards for rectangles. Cheap and effective. But today I thought I'd try using my Lazy-Suzan (You know what that is right?) But you can cover what ever you want.

Fabric Covered Cake Base! 

Round Lazy-Suzan

cutie-pie fabric

Lay out your fabric, print facing down. 
Place cake base on it

Go to town with sticky tape... well, not really, just as much as you want to secure it.

We used heaps more than we had to, cause Milla was having fun with the sticky tape. 

Flip it over and say ooh-la-la! Pretty Polka-dot!

To save your fabric while decorating, either slide baking paper under the sides once the cake is placed where you want it or do as I did and put baking paper down first and place cake on top.

TIP: Don't do one big strip of baking paper, you are going to want to easily slide these out later after the decorations are done. 

Messy baking paper while decorating. 

Clean fabric when finished.


Next post is on what the whole cake looks like! More photos to come!