Thursday, June 14, 2012

Transferring To A Canvas

I've been working on a little project for my friend over the last few days and days to come. She mentioned her walls needed a refresh, aka, a small paint job to even out the old paintwork... I, as always, heard "Lets have a makeover!!!!" 

So I turned up with goodies and all my favourite paint brushes, sander, putty. Lets get this party started!!  Fixed up some of the little daily wall nicks and old nail holes (in prep for new ones!! yes!) I admired her gorgeous cottage old school ceiling trims and window frames. There is a bare wall in her dining room which is just calling out for some Newly Antique love! So I have whipped up a little something to fill the gap. 

Build a Simple Frame
I grabbed some lumber, 2 equal lengths and 2 longer equal lengths, nail it all together to make a frame. Ran down to the local fabric shop and pick up some fabric that was too cute to resist, staple gun it taught to the fame. Ta-Da cheap as chips wall display. It would be perfect to use just like that, hang it on a wall as a fabric feature but I wanted to add just a little more detail to mine.

I have been loving the look of the rustic knives and forks that have been floating around Internet-land. Some people have huge knives or forks hanging on their walls, some people squash them and put them into picture frames, lots of ideas, but I like the look of drawn utensils and thought that would make a great addition to my Dinning room canvas. So I googled images of utensils till I found ones that I liked.

How I transfer to a Canvas

I am lucky enough to own an old school projector, I love it! If you don't own one, they do make mini versions at Art supply shops or, head to your local school/college and see if you can use theirs!

1. Print your picture out onto transparent paper.
I used a normal home printer onto laminate paper, it was all I could find that was transparent. The Ink didn't set completely but that doesn't matter because I'm not keeping it anyways. You could also trace your picture if it's not too complicated, like I did for my Alphabet Stencils 

(Hello Painting clothes!)

2. Using a projector, shine your image onto the canvas. 
Move it around till you're happy with placement and size.

3. Trace it onto your canvas.
I used fabric pens for this part, however pencil works just as well and if you have tons and tons and tons of time and you don't have to pack it all away before the kids wake up you could paint it on.  

My helpful hint: Stand in front of the projector light every now and then to see what it looks like without the shadow on it, this will help you gage how it's turning out and what needs to be coloured in more, traced more/less etc. Oo! And! Projectors make for great light box's... just you know, if you do end up with one! Ha! 

Spare pen kept in my hair... as usual.

Simple and easy, hardest part is locating a projector! But if you don't ask, you'll never know who has one. Bet all my friends didn't know I have one.  

This canvas is for someone else so I'll have the final 
canvas pictures once it's up on her wall.

Much love!! xx 

{Knives and Forks Picture Source}