Sunday, June 17, 2012

Temporary Backboard for Picture Frames.

I have a bunch of frames that I have picked up along the way, some complete, some not so complete. Most of them are not complete because I have lost the glass, broken the glass, the original picture was ruined in it, or I accidentally threw out the backing in one of my over enthusiastic clean outs. 

Anyways, I had super-awesome idea and three almost matching frames to accomplish it- but no back boards! oh poop. 

Temporary Backboard for Picture Frames. 

What you'll need:
Cute picture found on Pinterest ha!

I always have cardboard in the house, a nappy box, an appliance box, moving box, something. So I rounded up an empty one and cut it to size. 

Check that it fits...  Press your pencil into the cardboard inside the four corners. 

Match up the four dots left by your pencil.

Cut it out

Put it together like you would a normal frame.

Ta-Da... 3 Frames of awesomeness. All with cardboard backings

If you want extra-sturdy permanent back boards, use MDF
In the mean time try this!