Friday, June 8, 2012

Priming Without Sanding, Lets Give It A Go!

So I drove past Bunnings today, and Phoenix got all excited and pointed to it like he was desperate to go in... Being the great Mum I am, I obliged.  Ha! What a great mum I am *insert cheeky smile* ... OK I am serious that he was excited to see it, but I may have felt the excitement deep down inside too. Mumma was having DIY shopping withdrawals and needed to view some paint chips to feel better. 

I've been surfing around Blog-land and Pinterest looking at different furniture make overs, because there is so much information out there and why not glean information off everyones mistakes and victories. Plus I'm a DIY addict- if you didn't already guess that! 

This little post from iCreate... With Love caught my eye...

It wasn't the dresser that interested me so much, it was this little picture....

Oh have my prayers been answered!? But where would I find it? Is it even available in Australia? So many blogs are American based and the products they love are not available here *boohoo!!*  I know right? annoying. 

This Primer can go over pretty much anything, and I mean anything! Without sanding!! So remember where I left you back there with my Bunnings obsession? I mean DIY obsession? I FOUND THIS PRIMER!!  Zinsser, my hopes are pinned on you baby! I have a lot of planned and projects for you! 

Click on the picture to see some more blah-blah details OK

This is the one that I got. And this weekend it has a date with my brush! I'll let you know how it goes.

Many thanks to I Create... With Love for posting the project!!