Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hunter Valley Fun

I cannot more highly recommend the Hunter Valley NSW as a relaxing, wine touring, cheese and chocolate tasting retreat. Vineyards everywhere, gorgeous views, quaint towns and during June... chilly! brr! We stayed 2 nights in an apartment, I had a bubble bath (which is very very rare for me to stop and sit still for long enough to enjoy the quiet) and read my book. Watched Calamity Jane which is an old classic Doris Day movie... all while the kids napped.

I was forced into Internet free time, not great reception on my provider out there. To be honest-- I went insane!! Turns out I am highly addicted to the Inter-webs and all it's social media vices. Oh well, it's back on now. I can breathe again and continue my addiction with ease. Yay!   

Here are a few happy snaps of us in the Hunter Valley Gardens... 

Milla wanted to pose with all the flowers.

Phoenix wanted to get in with the Koi Fish 


 This shot was purely by accident... I was taking a selfie and when I went back to check if it worked I saw the butt in the background! Ha! Perfect!

 A small glimpse of the beautiful gardens: Picture perfect! 

 This was our favourite section of the gardens!! I will have to post the funny photos we got mucking around in here ;-)

Tea Party with the Mad Hatter and Alice