Monday, June 25, 2012

Easy Barbie Cake

This year Milla wanted a Barbie cake, she has been asking for it, almost since last years castle cake. Then again, what little girl doesn't want a Barbie cake? It's almost like a right of passage or something. For anyone who is nervous about making birthday cakes... steer your kid into the direction of choosing this cake because it is easy!

What you'll need

Small Pyrex bowl
Small round cake tin
3 Cake batters (I made butter cakes) 
Your icing of choice (coloured as you want)
Pretty Cake Base

1. Cook one cake batter in a well greased and floured Pyrex bowl, cook two other normal round cakes.

2. Once the three cakes are cooled completely, layer them so the Pyrex dome is on top, trim around the bottom round cakes to align the edges with the top dome. 

"Help me I'm stuck!!" says Barbie standing in 2 of 3 cakes.

3. Put cling wrap around Barbie's legs and push her feet through the cakes, top to bottom. Some people cut a hole and slide her in... I didn't bother, but go for it if you want. Gently put it onto your cake base.

4. Do a thin "crumb layer"* of icing and put it in the fridge to set.

5. Do a top coat of icing. I used my icing spatular to do a swirl pattern because I didn't like the look of it smooth

6. Decorate however you like. I used store bought icing flowers, hearts and some edible glitter (white)  

Helpful Hint: Choose a Barbie that has a cute bodice... that way you only have to make the skirt.

Milla and her friends loved the cake.