Monday, June 4, 2012

DIY Kids Party Invitation Ideas

Coffee Break! 

June, oh welcome to June... Its party planning time. Milla who has been counting down since her last birthday a year ago is getting very very very (understatement!) excited that her birthday is coming up. We even bought her a bed time story book about someone who has to wait for their birthday to give her some understanding of her situation. 

Milla has requested a Barbie Party. Throughout the past months it has changed slightly from a Barbie Fairy Secret Party, to once a Pirate Barbie Party. Over all the Barbie theme has stuck though. She has also requested a Barbie cake, one of those ones with the cake skirts and the doll head sticking out of the top. I love this idea- it's the easiest cake to make!! Yes!! 

I learnt quickly from her early birthday parties that I do not like big parties. Too many people, too many screaming children and siblings, it's too messy and big to cater. So Milla gets to invite her two or three besties and their mum. Small, intimate, and means the little ones who come can have special attention and a great time together.

With 2-ish weeks to go it means we need to get invitations out! Milla is super crafty and loves to decorate so ideally I need to combine the two... Invitations that she can decorate!  

Store bought ones are great for time-poor or creatively-challenged lovelies, but here are 5 ideas to consider if you want to do invitations from home. 

5 Ideas for DIY Kids Invitations

1. Different Paper options.
Using your printer at home you can use a Document Program (like WORD for example) to print on all sorts of paper....
             Colouring in pages (google search colouring pages! there are so many), 
             Favourite Story book page, 
             Print out of their favourite character, 
             Coloured card cut into shapes/characters,
             Coloured Paper,
             White plain paper.

2. 3D Decorations.
Little kids (3+age) love cutting and gluing, stickers, sparkles, colouring in, painting. Not much can make a little one prouder, than to show off something that they have created for someone. It also adds a very personal touch. Bust out the craft box! 

3.Use Your Child's Handwriting
If your child can write or copy really well, get them to write some of the details like their own name at the bottom and their friends name at the top. Again it gives them a sense of pride in their work and well, really, it is their invite to their friend so why not! Ha! 

(The crayon is just hiding some personal details ;-) not part of the invite... although if I had sticky tape left Milla would definitely have stuck it on!)

4. Fold Creatively
You don't have to stick to the Card format, folded in half and that's it.
           Roll it and tie with a bow,
           Fold all four corners into the centre to make an envelope shape and put a sticker      
           there to hold it,
           Any origami shape you know how to do,
           Let your child fold it however they can to fit into an envelope.

5. Contain it Creatively
How is your child going to deliver the invite? You could together come up with a creative idea that suits the theme of the party 
          Confetti in an envelope,
          Message in a bottle,
          In a clean Noodle box,
          Wrapped like a present,
          Inside a blown up balloon,
          On a gift tag accompanied by a flower,
          In a decorated cardboard tube (loo roll;)
          Front page of a kids book,
          In a clean (label removed) Baby food jar,
          Cheap toy shops - Grab a cheap toy cement truck and put the invite in the tumbler 
                                      - Put a mini invite rolled up and popped into a dinosaurs mouth

Think invitations outside of the paper box...
You don't even have to stick to paper for your invites! 
Let your mind wander!

         Fabric and fabric markers
         Fabric and sew on invitation
         Mini pin cousins with details written on.
         Shirt with theme printed on it and details written in a corner or on the inside
         Porcelain pen on a plate/cup
         A Find-it-Jar with the details hidden in amongst little objects 
         Mini Bunting with the details on each triangle
         Edit a photo in Photoshop and add text.

Expect to make a little mess, and expect it to be a little bit less clean cut than you would like. Make some allowances for your kids creativity (aka mess) They will remember the journey to their birthday party, not just the day ;-) 

        While they are crafting... lets have coffee