Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Barbra Streisand and Toy sorting

It is so cold and drizzly! I spent all morning searching baby shops, target, Big W for a kids booster seat- with no luck unfortunately- I needed to defrost and have lunch.  What a great opportunity to watch a new classic movie! Today's is Funny Girl. I am having a Barbra Streisand sort of day so this classic is probably going to get followed up by Hello, Dolly! 

I don't often get to sit and watch the movies I put on, but I do love having it on in the background while I potter around. Because I have seen the movie already I don't have to sit and watch to know what's happening.

Any more suggestions for my rainy days?


This guy and I got to spend lots of time together, just us. So we played cars together. I am loving how he has changed to a real toddler these days, all the cars say "Brrrrrrrrrruummmmmm" and his most favourite thing is when the cars crash. Oh boy.  

We also went through all the kids toy collections to pack away the infant toys, throw away any broken things or accumulated trash. I ended up with a whole box of toys for donation and another of infant toys to store away... not sure what for, I'm not planning any more scrumptious kid-lings. They are my favourite toys that right now instantly transports me back to those tiny, skinny little baby toes... yeah you know what I'm talking about! Those little piggies!!    

I plan to (eventually) keep only one or two infant toys and one or two toddler toys so that when I am out of baby season but my friends come over with their little dream boats I'll still have something to keep them entertained. Nothing worse (well I'm sure there is) than being somewhere with your kids and not having anything to keep them entertained- a book, colouring, blocks, something! Ha!

If your babies are getting bored with their stash of toys, but love their friends ones, I highly recommend storing half of your kids toys away and then rotating between the two every now and then. Keeps the kids interested in the toys they have.

Early nights to you! xx 


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