Saturday, June 9, 2012

Autumn Leaves Are Falling

At one point today I had 6 Kids in my house! It was pretty busy around here, I had to keep chasing the kids outside with their muddy boots. As soon as I had finished cleaning the carpet from the first track of muddy boots, the next princess would trot in and get chased back out, but not before leaving some beautiful tracks for me to clean. Eventually they got the hang of it and took their shoes off on the mud mat.

Once half of the sprogs had gone down for a nap and the rest played Barbies quietly. I looked out at my beautiful Autumn looking yard and it seems my trees have finally decided it's winter enough for them to shed their leaves. I love it! The colours are magnificent! 

However if I leave all the leaves they will ruin my grass, phooey. 

Rake, rake, rake, 5 bags full...

This guy, cheering me on and "helping" me out.

And then! And THEN!! The tree had the audacity to do this!! ha! 

Oh well, seems I have a few more loads yet to do...

Seriously though! How gorgeous is it when the autumn leave are about?! Just makes my eyes happy.

Happy Saturday everyone!