Wednesday, June 20, 2012

4 More Sleeps

In 4 more sleeps my baby girl is turning 4. I've heard parents with grown up kids say that they blinked and the time was gone... I totally understand that! I'm sure she was only just born??!! Thankfully she is still little and I have to keep reminding myself she is younger than she acts. 

Milla is a delight. An absolute chatter box delight. She melts our heart and she talks just like me, her favourite thing to say at the moment is "Mummy, I have an idea, it's a good idea..." and "I like sharing" when she spots someone with chocolate.

Our best laugh this year came from a conversation between Milla and David.

"Thank you Jesus that Milla is eloquent" says daddy
"I'm not an elephant!!" Milla exclaims "I have toes!!"

So Mummy is in Barbie Party planing mode. Cakes and chocolate crackles, decorating and balloons. 
And (thanks to Pinterest!) I have way too many ideas to run with (and high Pinterest-worthy standards to live up too! hehe