Monday, May 28, 2012

Tracing Paper for Baking Paper

Don't you hate it when you're in the cooking mood, or like me, half way through mixing up the dough and then you remember you ran out of baking paper and completely forgot to restock! Not to worry! Art supplies to the rescue. If you have it, grab some...
tracing paper! 

Line your tray with Tracing paper, and use like you would Baking paper. Then turn around and write "BAKING PAPER!" on your shopping list. Ha! 

Made some Donna Hay Basic Scones. Although they didn't rise as much as I hoped, they still turned out super soft inside and were perfect for morning tea for me and the kids. Milla's was piled high with butter, Phoenixes was left whole and plain and mine... oh yum. Butter and Jam, strawberry jam goodness. Fresh hot scones with jam that dreams of whipped cream. Unfortunately, I used the cream I had, in a potato bake the other day. Oh well.

Not many left.... and still going

Happy Baking! I'm off to pack the house into suitcases for our mini retreat!