Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sideboard Searching

I am on the hunt for a few pieces of furniture for my house. One in particular is a sideboard, a three door, 3 drawer, 210cm length type of sideboard. I have a spozzie that currently has a cube shelf in it. 4x4 cube shelf from IKEA, we have had them for years, it even moved house with us. In our previous house it was a great storage solution however in this house the cubes are just 4cm too long!

I could buy a sideboard new, but I would prefer to find an unloved one that I can personalise and give it some new life. It's better for the environment and, well, more fun for me! Ha! I can do the usual, sand it back decide on a colour (as I go) and find a home for all my excess kitchen-y stuff. 

A sideboard that looks something like this... except second hand and little less "finished" 

I guess I'll keep trooping around Salvos stores and garage sales until I find something I can do-up. The journey to find the perfect piece can be just as exciting as the actual acquiring and fixing.


I did the second coat of the lounge room walls!! Which means that tomorrow out comes the pallet wood and my electric saw! Woot Woot! I topped up Milla's craft box today with some googly eye and some foam stickers so she is very excited to get into that tomorrow while I build.