Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reading Books

I am usually a pretty busy bee during the day, with a great big ever increasing to-do list. But recently seeing spots and migraines have told me to slow down and incorporate some rest into my life. This week I have purposely attempted to have a stay-at-home week so that I can relax a bit. 

During this week I built another Pallet Wood Toy Box for my sausage friend, who's gorgeous little 8 toothed redhead baby boy is turning one this weekend. But apart from that, I have taken the time to sit and read a magazine or two, which for a go-go-go person is an achievement AND even started reading ... da da duuuuummm... a book! 

I know, I know, all you avid readers are like, "Wha?" (said in a minion from Despicable me voice) Yes. I don't stop to read books. I am more of a "google it and make it" kind of person. Seriously I blog, while instagram-ing, while Draw something-ing, while watching TV. 

Then while Pinteresting (yes it's a word now) the other day I came across a quote: 

Oh the conviction! Anywho. I picked up a book and decided to start the process of falling in love with reading all over again. My chosen starting block?

The Help. 

So far it's written very well. I've seen parts of the movie so I have a vague idea of the plot. I am very happy that I have a book to get lost in when I take a break from the world. *Said with coffee in hand*