Thursday, May 24, 2012

Raining and Paperwork

It's 15 degrees and raining. Don't judge me but... my kids and I are still in our PJs and its after lunch. ABC Kids has been on all day and the house has gone from Toy-crazy-madness to clean to toy-crazy-madness several times. Milla has Green nail polish on, or resembling "on"  because she did it herself..umm... cute in a Kermit the Frog kind of way! 

I've had my nose in some paperwork. Trying my best to not procrastinate on the important things. I booked the car in for a service, finalised our Ambulance cover, Finished filling in Milla's Kindy forms! My baby girl is going to Kindy next year!! Crazy.

This would be me under the pile of papers ;-) Not really, I'm not that bad. I just have an issue with where to put the To-Do pile and then remember where I put it and do it! If it's not in my immediate view I can so easily forget I have it!.. Good thing I have my bills automated! 

This is what I need!! 

I have the perfect cupboard I can transform into a smaller version of this.  A much smaller version. But a cupboard office is just the space saving solution that could work in my house. I want a family computer once the kids get big enough to use it and I want it in a public place like the lounge room, without it being a major feature. 

Plus how fun is this??!!!


{Paperwork Pic}  {Cupboard Makeover}