Sunday, May 20, 2012

Project: Pallet Wood Sideboard/IKEA Hack Cube-Shelves Sideboard

So you know how I've been dreaming about getting a sideboard? Well I got a little enthusiastic the other day, as I tend to do when I get an idea... and I have started the process of adapting an IKEA 4 by 4 CUBE shelves into a sideboard! 

The cubes were about 2 inches too long for the space that it was in and they were too tall and dominating the area. I couldn't use them anywhere else in the house and I didn't want to throw them away because that would just be wasteful, I could pass them along to a friend- which I was going to do until I had a rush of excitement and got to them with the jigsaw, ha!

BEFORE! I remembered to take a before!!! Full full, non-fitting, large cube shelves. 

Almost empty... just a few more things to unload... although one of the things keeps getting back in. Cheeky.

Gah! ok fine- good thing you's are cute! 

In a cube... "Look mummy I still fit!" 

-----insert a few hours of loud noises and a lot of mess in my house----

Here is where I am up to!! 
I had to re-fill the shelves for a baby birthday party at my house on the weekend. I am totally in love with how my Pallet Wood Sideboard- IKEA hack cube-shelves (Phew!) is turning out.

The top is 4 slats of pallet wood from the most gorgeous pallet I found the other day, the sides are more rustic pallet lengths.

Rustic pallets I'm attaching to the sides. I love gappy- chippy bits!! Still looking for the perfect boards to fit the back spots. These lengths give some stability to some plywood I attached to the side of the cubes.

TO DO still:
3 drawers for the top spots.
2 doors.

It's a work in progress, I love that I can still use it while making it! 

Having fun destroying repurposing furniture! xx