Saturday, May 12, 2012


Pinterest is the new scrap booking, well kind of. I love Pinterest, it's an online way to keep all those pictures that I love so very much all together. No more catalogue clippings floating around of houses that I love and rugs that I want, no more lost browser tabs, or a bazillion open pages because you just don't want to close the link in case you forget where you saw that beautiful Duck Egg Blue vintage frame.

Pin it, Pin it to your virtual pin board on Pinterest instead- what a great idea!

So if you're on Pinterest and want to follow me... you can!

Click on my little antique computer and it will take you to me! 

My Home- In other news.

I have 3 walls left downstairs to go! Then I'm onto ceiling and finishing a few trims! I am very excited about the freshness of the walls. I promise to post some photos, but I will have to go back through the photos I already have because, as usual, I didn't take before photos. "After" photos are so much easier ;-)

My hands are covered in paint flecks, the white hair I currently have is not actually white but where I had bad hand-eye coordination and painted my hair on the way past. I at least remembered to put on my painting clothes! I am getting better at that. I have ruined so many of my clothes by painting in them, convincing myself that I would paint neatly and not drip- yeah right! 

Was a fun day and I am proud to announce that Phoenix today said a few new words! Bubbles, Grandma, Grandpa and drink. Seriously! He must just store them all up and then unleash 30 new words in 2 days! I cannot--- oh sorry please skip to the end if you don't want to hear my "My child is amazing rant" cause you know it's coming. In the last 2 days Phoenix has come out with so many new words I am quite shocked. Just out of the blue he started talking! It's so so cute!! Baby voice is amazing, makes my heart melt.
 *gush gush*