Sunday, May 6, 2012


I love. LOVE. white Chrysanthemums, I think they are such a happy flower. Best thing about my love of white Chrysanthemums is that I can get a bunch from the local shopping centre for $8! See, even better, a happy flower and a happy wallet!! 

This was a table setting we made for my friends Baby shower. I have a feeling that I have shown you before. But it's worth looking at its gorgeous-ness all over again...

Oh yeah! Breath it in! lovely! 

Thanks to Pinterest for the fresh idea of lemons in the vase. Seriously doesn't this just make you happy? I might do some research and see if I can grow some in my garden, I'd at least save myself $8 every now and then! Ha! 

My other indulgence... still under the $7 mark. Well kinda. It's under $7 each not together! doh! I really should just sign up for a subscription... Home magazines and Handyman magazines (not pictured) I lay down in the middle of my lounge room. On the floor- right in the way of anyone trying to get past. 

Why do I lay right in the way? because it's in the sunshine. Sunshine, pillow, floor and a home magazine equals one happy mumma! And because usually I am surrounded by a lot of toys, blocks and have either one or two children sitting on my back "gently" massaging all my knots out and giving me more with their boney butts, elbows and knee caps. Oh the imaginary serenity. 


Oo! I got my new glasses this week! The world is once again no longer in a haze. I wore glasses before as I'm short sighted, but my beloved Phoenix broke them. Also since I haven't had an exam done in about 7 years and 2 pregnancies I really was due for it. My sight has changed and I needed a slight adjustment from the last pair I had.