Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How To Transfer A Print Off Normal Paper

Project: Pallet Wood Board with a Family Quote!

I stumbled across this little gem while doing something completely different. I had stirred my paint and then put my paint stirrer down on the nearest paper I could find... a bill. Left it there while I painted and then when I went to clean up I picked up the stirrer and low-and-behold it had dried and stuck to the paper.... I ripped off the paper and hmm, a print of the bill was left. So I took it large scale.

How to transfer printed paper using paint as a transfer medium
Be warned! Lots of photos!! 

I whipped up a pallet wood board, and painted it white. 
(Didn't sand it because I wanted the texture) 

Jump on the computer and 
1. Find a quote/picture/words you like and 2. Print it backwards. 
I did this in Word.

Printing Printing! On any printer

Boredom while Printing!

 This would work with any paper with print on it, maps, books, pages etc... get creative people!! 

Lay out your quote (or picture/words whatever) print side down to find how you want it set out.
I marked the edges with pencil so I could easily put it back where I liked it.
The stickers are unnecessary, Milla was determined to "help" me 

Using the same colour that your project already is, cover the area with a little paint. 
Press the paper back onto the wet paint.

Will look something like this, all the paper is squished down onto the paint- leave to dry.

Once dry peal off the excess paper on the edges if you have any.

Using a little water, dampen your fingers and gently rub all over the paper to remove the excess. Don't rub too hard on the print/darker areas. It's really just feel-it-out as you go.  Make it as chippy or faded as you like.

Turns out beautifully rustic!! 

I paint blended the edges of the paint after I had finished pulling of all the paper.

If I had of thought of it, I would have put my quote paper on when I initially painted my pallets, instead of having to do the second coat... But I rarely think that far ahead ;-)

Hello it's ME! To give you some perspective on size. Here's me in my painting pants next to my Pallet Wood Board