Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hidden Veggie Tools

Dinner time can be something that every parent (of young kids- I am assuming it gets better??!!) dreads. Picky eaters, who used to be great eaters last week, are now leaving everything behind on their plate bar the garlic bread. Or sudden food aversions? What the?! My kids love broccoli, but "don't like" orange foods like pumpkin and sweet potato. 

I don't offer alternatives to what I make, I offer and they choose how much they want to eat. No pressure. Even though my kids eat pretty well all day long, sometimes -especially winter- I want a few more veggies in their cute little bellies.

I am in love with some sneaky little tools that help me hide veggies easily in lots of different meals. My Meatballs have 5 hidden veggies in them! And the kids devour them! Tonight's Spaghetti Bolognese had 7 veggies hidden in it! Mwahaha! (that's my evil laugh)

Tefal's new Fresh Express! Best present ever! Thanks to my Mother in law! It grates all my hard veggies in seconds, any time I can squeeze a hidden veggie in a meal I'm making I pull this baby out and it grates/slices everything for me- WIN! 

And this little nugget of green gold! Chops all my softer veggies like onion and mushrooms into tiny little pieces that the kids cant pick out. From Chef'n

Loving his Bolognese 

Big mouthfuls of Spaghetti (and lots of hidden yummies!)

Happy little Munchkins! 

If you are like me and you save all the jars that you use in the kitchen, try re-using them for left overs! I scooped the leftovers in, let it cool and popped it in the freezer for another day (See, jars can be reused not just for craft purposes!) 

So Phoenix what do you think of dinner? ...


*Not a promo! Just hope it helps someone who is trying, like me, to feed their kids!*