Saturday, May 26, 2012

Creative Toy Containment

Ooo! Saturday was definitely a clean up day, all the laundry done, all the toys picked up... and then closely followed by munchkins pulling them all back out. Helpful. Lawn mowed, edges trimmed- wow it feels brand spankin' new (is the right word for it?) 

Watched a few old classic movies with a hot cup of coffee (with so much chocolate dumped on top of the milk froth that it was like having a hot chocolate first and then a mocha sugar plenty cappuccino latte something-or-rather) *Thanks Nespresso! I love you!!* Defrosting in front of the heater from hosing down the pathways in the cold. 

Once defrosted and tootsies all warmed up I went on to conquer upstairs. Kids rooms! Phoenixes room tends to be where the excess toys end up. One nifty idea I've been using was to turn an unstable bookcase on it's side so that my ever-climbing one year old wouldn't pull it on himself. It made it a perfect cubby holder for the books to live and a few knic-knacks.

Books and toys at kid level and completely safe for Phoenix to sit on.

"Phoenix... Who made this mess?"

"I DID!!" said Phoenix excited, 
"And see" pulls out and dumps truck on the floor 
"Here's some more!!" 
-My imaginary conversation with my boy.

Temporary Toy Containment!!

Flipped the bookcase on it's back and Ta-Da! Instant cubes to fill with toys. All the toys from the other pictures fit into the cubes so now there is nothing in that other toy collecting corner! Sweet!

Cleaning all done? Check!

Pulled out the big chalk and took to decorating the trampoline- fun and washes off very easily.

Happy Weekend!!!!