Sunday, May 27, 2012

Coffee and Classics

Sunday afternoons were just made for naps... unfortunately I'm not napping. Well as you can tell I'm sitting here chatting to you! My eyes are still heavy "nap! nap! nap!" they tell me... but the rest of me is not tired at all. I'm watching an old classic movie. Todays choice is Tea for Two. 

I have been working my way through a bunch of old classic movies lately, An American in Paris, Oklahoma, Hello Dolly... I'm really enjoying them! I cannot watch a lot of modern movies with the kids awake due to some of the themes (and language) in them that I don't want my almost 4 year old watching and repeating just yet. So old classics it is! My favourite is Meet me in St Louis, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Singing in the Rain. If you have any suggestions of great ones let me know!  This week I'll be watching Calamity Jane.

Our little family is heading out to the Hunter Valley this week for a 2 night retreat. Should be great fun! Cold but lovely to be away together. There is the most gorgeous themed gardens that we stumbled across last year but didn't have enough time to visit- I will have my camera packed and ready!! You can expect lots of photos from there!

Packing for 4, including bedding and food... and the Nespresso machine! Ha! 

Was chatting to David this morning... 

"Hey babe... Do you think its too extravagant to take the coffee machine?"

"Best idea ever!" was the reply.

Ha! Dumb question to ask a coffee addict! 

You would never know that I didn't drink coffee for 4 years while pregnant and breastfeeding (between the 2 kids! not the one! ha!) judging by my almost daily warm cup-o-joe. It was the smell that won me over. My hubby makes one every morning and that yummy warm smell melted my "no coffee" boundary and stole my heart. 

This is the Nespresso that I have... just so you have an idea what I'm talking about! 
It's got coffee pods and a milk frother. Brilliant!