Sunday, May 13, 2012

Captivating Art

Is it bad to stylise your own quote? Ha! Well I did it anyways. Here is a thought I've been thinking about lately pictured below. I've been mulling it over and contemplating what should be a main feature on our walls. An artist always has an intention behind their work, a meaning a deeper thread that depicts what they want to portray. I am an artist, I draw and I collect beautiful things, paint and build.

But as a self appointed home decorator, I need to consider what I want threaded through my house. What deeper underlining thread is woven throughout the walls of my home?

I want my children to be inspired by the artworks big or small that we collect over the years. So with that in mind I continue the process of finding that thought provoking, captivating face that has years of wisdom, baby toes that have been rescued, and abstractness that lives out of the box.... all the while looking ultra industrial shabby chic! Ha! No pressure!