Monday, May 28, 2012

Tracing Paper for Baking Paper

Don't you hate it when you're in the cooking mood, or like me, half way through mixing up the dough and then you remember you ran out of baking paper and completely forgot to restock! Not to worry! Art supplies to the rescue. If you have it, grab some...
tracing paper! 

Line your tray with Tracing paper, and use like you would Baking paper. Then turn around and write "BAKING PAPER!" on your shopping list. Ha! 

Made some Donna Hay Basic Scones. Although they didn't rise as much as I hoped, they still turned out super soft inside and were perfect for morning tea for me and the kids. Milla's was piled high with butter, Phoenixes was left whole and plain and mine... oh yum. Butter and Jam, strawberry jam goodness. Fresh hot scones with jam that dreams of whipped cream. Unfortunately, I used the cream I had, in a potato bake the other day. Oh well.

Not many left.... and still going

Happy Baking! I'm off to pack the house into suitcases for our mini retreat!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Coffee and Classics

Sunday afternoons were just made for naps... unfortunately I'm not napping. Well as you can tell I'm sitting here chatting to you! My eyes are still heavy "nap! nap! nap!" they tell me... but the rest of me is not tired at all. I'm watching an old classic movie. Todays choice is Tea for Two. 

I have been working my way through a bunch of old classic movies lately, An American in Paris, Oklahoma, Hello Dolly... I'm really enjoying them! I cannot watch a lot of modern movies with the kids awake due to some of the themes (and language) in them that I don't want my almost 4 year old watching and repeating just yet. So old classics it is! My favourite is Meet me in St Louis, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Singing in the Rain. If you have any suggestions of great ones let me know!  This week I'll be watching Calamity Jane.

Our little family is heading out to the Hunter Valley this week for a 2 night retreat. Should be great fun! Cold but lovely to be away together. There is the most gorgeous themed gardens that we stumbled across last year but didn't have enough time to visit- I will have my camera packed and ready!! You can expect lots of photos from there!

Packing for 4, including bedding and food... and the Nespresso machine! Ha! 

Was chatting to David this morning... 

"Hey babe... Do you think its too extravagant to take the coffee machine?"

"Best idea ever!" was the reply.

Ha! Dumb question to ask a coffee addict! 

You would never know that I didn't drink coffee for 4 years while pregnant and breastfeeding (between the 2 kids! not the one! ha!) judging by my almost daily warm cup-o-joe. It was the smell that won me over. My hubby makes one every morning and that yummy warm smell melted my "no coffee" boundary and stole my heart. 

This is the Nespresso that I have... just so you have an idea what I'm talking about! 
It's got coffee pods and a milk frother. Brilliant!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Creative Toy Containment

Ooo! Saturday was definitely a clean up day, all the laundry done, all the toys picked up... and then closely followed by munchkins pulling them all back out. Helpful. Lawn mowed, edges trimmed- wow it feels brand spankin' new (is the right word for it?) 

Watched a few old classic movies with a hot cup of coffee (with so much chocolate dumped on top of the milk froth that it was like having a hot chocolate first and then a mocha sugar plenty cappuccino latte something-or-rather) *Thanks Nespresso! I love you!!* Defrosting in front of the heater from hosing down the pathways in the cold. 

Once defrosted and tootsies all warmed up I went on to conquer upstairs. Kids rooms! Phoenixes room tends to be where the excess toys end up. One nifty idea I've been using was to turn an unstable bookcase on it's side so that my ever-climbing one year old wouldn't pull it on himself. It made it a perfect cubby holder for the books to live and a few knic-knacks.

Books and toys at kid level and completely safe for Phoenix to sit on.

"Phoenix... Who made this mess?"

"I DID!!" said Phoenix excited, 
"And see" pulls out and dumps truck on the floor 
"Here's some more!!" 
-My imaginary conversation with my boy.

Temporary Toy Containment!!

Flipped the bookcase on it's back and Ta-Da! Instant cubes to fill with toys. All the toys from the other pictures fit into the cubes so now there is nothing in that other toy collecting corner! Sweet!

Cleaning all done? Check!

Pulled out the big chalk and took to decorating the trampoline- fun and washes off very easily.

Happy Weekend!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Raining and Paperwork

It's 15 degrees and raining. Don't judge me but... my kids and I are still in our PJs and its after lunch. ABC Kids has been on all day and the house has gone from Toy-crazy-madness to clean to toy-crazy-madness several times. Milla has Green nail polish on, or resembling "on"  because she did it herself..umm... cute in a Kermit the Frog kind of way! 

I've had my nose in some paperwork. Trying my best to not procrastinate on the important things. I booked the car in for a service, finalised our Ambulance cover, Finished filling in Milla's Kindy forms! My baby girl is going to Kindy next year!! Crazy.

This would be me under the pile of papers ;-) Not really, I'm not that bad. I just have an issue with where to put the To-Do pile and then remember where I put it and do it! If it's not in my immediate view I can so easily forget I have it!.. Good thing I have my bills automated! 

This is what I need!! 

I have the perfect cupboard I can transform into a smaller version of this.  A much smaller version. But a cupboard office is just the space saving solution that could work in my house. I want a family computer once the kids get big enough to use it and I want it in a public place like the lounge room, without it being a major feature. 

Plus how fun is this??!!!


{Paperwork Pic}  {Cupboard Makeover}

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Kitchen Walls

I did some painting the other day, I promised I would show where I'm up to, so here it is. 

Signature Grey (the dark one) needs a second coat, but for a single coat it was fantastic coverage! Ooo! I've had a few comments about the size of my Kitchen Pallet Frame Chalkboard. It was hard to see how big it actually is from the original post- So this photo should give some size perspective. It's bigger than the latest pallet wood project I did above the piano! 

I took the Signature Grey all the way round the Kitchen. I love it.

There are a lot of things that are in my sights to change.... See down the bottom, the kick-boards? I painted them white to see what it would look like ha! Imagine a beautiful white clock, flowy white linen curtains, antique phone, white awesome cupboard doors, no things on top of the cupboards (none of it belongs to me, my cupcake friend owns all of those pretties) an ice dispensing fridge- no more ice fights! 

Oh! So this was the best "before" photo I could find.

Pallet Wood creations...
Still have the ceiling white to do and half of the trims... just to name a few.

Since I was on a roll, I did a little spring cleaning -er- Autumn cleaning. Dusting, vacuuming, wiping, tidying, and cleaned the air filters in the ducted air and split systems.

With the change of season we will be using the air more, so efficiency is vital!! 

Check out the dust bunnies on this this bad boy! This is only a few months worth of dust. 

Much better! Gave it a good hose down and put it on the line to dry.

Took out the little filters and hosed them down too, then wiped down the unit- Dust bunnies be gone!! 

Determined not to get a huge-a-moungus electricity bill from this coming winter. One clean filter at a time tehe! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Project: Pallet Wood Sideboard/IKEA Hack Cube-Shelves Sideboard

So you know how I've been dreaming about getting a sideboard? Well I got a little enthusiastic the other day, as I tend to do when I get an idea... and I have started the process of adapting an IKEA 4 by 4 CUBE shelves into a sideboard! 

The cubes were about 2 inches too long for the space that it was in and they were too tall and dominating the area. I couldn't use them anywhere else in the house and I didn't want to throw them away because that would just be wasteful, I could pass them along to a friend- which I was going to do until I had a rush of excitement and got to them with the jigsaw, ha!

BEFORE! I remembered to take a before!!! Full full, non-fitting, large cube shelves. 

Almost empty... just a few more things to unload... although one of the things keeps getting back in. Cheeky.

Gah! ok fine- good thing you's are cute! 

In a cube... "Look mummy I still fit!" 

-----insert a few hours of loud noises and a lot of mess in my house----

Here is where I am up to!! 
I had to re-fill the shelves for a baby birthday party at my house on the weekend. I am totally in love with how my Pallet Wood Sideboard- IKEA hack cube-shelves (Phew!) is turning out.

The top is 4 slats of pallet wood from the most gorgeous pallet I found the other day, the sides are more rustic pallet lengths.

Rustic pallets I'm attaching to the sides. I love gappy- chippy bits!! Still looking for the perfect boards to fit the back spots. These lengths give some stability to some plywood I attached to the side of the cubes.

TO DO still:
3 drawers for the top spots.
2 doors.

It's a work in progress, I love that I can still use it while making it! 

Having fun destroying repurposing furniture! xx 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How To Transfer A Print Off Normal Paper

Project: Pallet Wood Board with a Family Quote!

I stumbled across this little gem while doing something completely different. I had stirred my paint and then put my paint stirrer down on the nearest paper I could find... a bill. Left it there while I painted and then when I went to clean up I picked up the stirrer and low-and-behold it had dried and stuck to the paper.... I ripped off the paper and hmm, a print of the bill was left. So I took it large scale.

How to transfer printed paper using paint as a transfer medium
Be warned! Lots of photos!! 

I whipped up a pallet wood board, and painted it white. 
(Didn't sand it because I wanted the texture) 

Jump on the computer and 
1. Find a quote/picture/words you like and 2. Print it backwards. 
I did this in Word.

Printing Printing! On any printer

Boredom while Printing!

 This would work with any paper with print on it, maps, books, pages etc... get creative people!! 

Lay out your quote (or picture/words whatever) print side down to find how you want it set out.
I marked the edges with pencil so I could easily put it back where I liked it.
The stickers are unnecessary, Milla was determined to "help" me 

Using the same colour that your project already is, cover the area with a little paint. 
Press the paper back onto the wet paint.

Will look something like this, all the paper is squished down onto the paint- leave to dry.

Once dry peal off the excess paper on the edges if you have any.

Using a little water, dampen your fingers and gently rub all over the paper to remove the excess. Don't rub too hard on the print/darker areas. It's really just feel-it-out as you go.  Make it as chippy or faded as you like.

Turns out beautifully rustic!! 

I paint blended the edges of the paint after I had finished pulling of all the paper.

If I had of thought of it, I would have put my quote paper on when I initially painted my pallets, instead of having to do the second coat... But I rarely think that far ahead ;-)

Hello it's ME! To give you some perspective on size. Here's me in my painting pants next to my Pallet Wood Board

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Captivating Art

Is it bad to stylise your own quote? Ha! Well I did it anyways. Here is a thought I've been thinking about lately pictured below. I've been mulling it over and contemplating what should be a main feature on our walls. An artist always has an intention behind their work, a meaning a deeper thread that depicts what they want to portray. I am an artist, I draw and I collect beautiful things, paint and build.

But as a self appointed home decorator, I need to consider what I want threaded through my house. What deeper underlining thread is woven throughout the walls of my home?

I want my children to be inspired by the artworks big or small that we collect over the years. So with that in mind I continue the process of finding that thought provoking, captivating face that has years of wisdom, baby toes that have been rescued, and abstractness that lives out of the box.... all the while looking ultra industrial shabby chic! Ha! No pressure!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Pinterest is the new scrap booking, well kind of. I love Pinterest, it's an online way to keep all those pictures that I love so very much all together. No more catalogue clippings floating around of houses that I love and rugs that I want, no more lost browser tabs, or a bazillion open pages because you just don't want to close the link in case you forget where you saw that beautiful Duck Egg Blue vintage frame.

Pin it, Pin it to your virtual pin board on Pinterest instead- what a great idea!

So if you're on Pinterest and want to follow me... you can!

Click on my little antique computer and it will take you to me! 

My Home- In other news.

I have 3 walls left downstairs to go! Then I'm onto ceiling and finishing a few trims! I am very excited about the freshness of the walls. I promise to post some photos, but I will have to go back through the photos I already have because, as usual, I didn't take before photos. "After" photos are so much easier ;-)

My hands are covered in paint flecks, the white hair I currently have is not actually white but where I had bad hand-eye coordination and painted my hair on the way past. I at least remembered to put on my painting clothes! I am getting better at that. I have ruined so many of my clothes by painting in them, convincing myself that I would paint neatly and not drip- yeah right! 

Was a fun day and I am proud to announce that Phoenix today said a few new words! Bubbles, Grandma, Grandpa and drink. Seriously! He must just store them all up and then unleash 30 new words in 2 days! I cannot--- oh sorry please skip to the end if you don't want to hear my "My child is amazing rant" cause you know it's coming. In the last 2 days Phoenix has come out with so many new words I am quite shocked. Just out of the blue he started talking! It's so so cute!! Baby voice is amazing, makes my heart melt.
 *gush gush*

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reading Books

I am usually a pretty busy bee during the day, with a great big ever increasing to-do list. But recently seeing spots and migraines have told me to slow down and incorporate some rest into my life. This week I have purposely attempted to have a stay-at-home week so that I can relax a bit. 

During this week I built another Pallet Wood Toy Box for my sausage friend, who's gorgeous little 8 toothed redhead baby boy is turning one this weekend. But apart from that, I have taken the time to sit and read a magazine or two, which for a go-go-go person is an achievement AND even started reading ... da da duuuuummm... a book! 

I know, I know, all you avid readers are like, "Wha?" (said in a minion from Despicable me voice) Yes. I don't stop to read books. I am more of a "google it and make it" kind of person. Seriously I blog, while instagram-ing, while Draw something-ing, while watching TV. 

Then while Pinteresting (yes it's a word now) the other day I came across a quote: 

Oh the conviction! Anywho. I picked up a book and decided to start the process of falling in love with reading all over again. My chosen starting block?

The Help. 

So far it's written very well. I've seen parts of the movie so I have a vague idea of the plot. I am very happy that I have a book to get lost in when I take a break from the world. *Said with coffee in hand* 

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I love. LOVE. white Chrysanthemums, I think they are such a happy flower. Best thing about my love of white Chrysanthemums is that I can get a bunch from the local shopping centre for $8! See, even better, a happy flower and a happy wallet!! 

This was a table setting we made for my friends Baby shower. I have a feeling that I have shown you before. But it's worth looking at its gorgeous-ness all over again...

Oh yeah! Breath it in! lovely! 

Thanks to Pinterest for the fresh idea of lemons in the vase. Seriously doesn't this just make you happy? I might do some research and see if I can grow some in my garden, I'd at least save myself $8 every now and then! Ha! 

My other indulgence... still under the $7 mark. Well kinda. It's under $7 each not together! doh! I really should just sign up for a subscription... Home magazines and Handyman magazines (not pictured) I lay down in the middle of my lounge room. On the floor- right in the way of anyone trying to get past. 

Why do I lay right in the way? because it's in the sunshine. Sunshine, pillow, floor and a home magazine equals one happy mumma! And because usually I am surrounded by a lot of toys, blocks and have either one or two children sitting on my back "gently" massaging all my knots out and giving me more with their boney butts, elbows and knee caps. Oh the imaginary serenity. 


Oo! I got my new glasses this week! The world is once again no longer in a haze. I wore glasses before as I'm short sighted, but my beloved Phoenix broke them. Also since I haven't had an exam done in about 7 years and 2 pregnancies I really was due for it. My sight has changed and I needed a slight adjustment from the last pair I had. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sideboard Searching

I am on the hunt for a few pieces of furniture for my house. One in particular is a sideboard, a three door, 3 drawer, 210cm length type of sideboard. I have a spozzie that currently has a cube shelf in it. 4x4 cube shelf from IKEA, we have had them for years, it even moved house with us. In our previous house it was a great storage solution however in this house the cubes are just 4cm too long!

I could buy a sideboard new, but I would prefer to find an unloved one that I can personalise and give it some new life. It's better for the environment and, well, more fun for me! Ha! I can do the usual, sand it back decide on a colour (as I go) and find a home for all my excess kitchen-y stuff. 

A sideboard that looks something like this... except second hand and little less "finished" 

I guess I'll keep trooping around Salvos stores and garage sales until I find something I can do-up. The journey to find the perfect piece can be just as exciting as the actual acquiring and fixing.


I did the second coat of the lounge room walls!! Which means that tomorrow out comes the pallet wood and my electric saw! Woot Woot! I topped up Milla's craft box today with some googly eye and some foam stickers so she is very excited to get into that tomorrow while I build.