Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Project: Round Dining Table

It's ANZAC day today, it marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. Lest we forget.


We got given a wooden, round, four seater dining table from a wonderful friend who no longer needed it. The table just screamed- Paint Me!!! Antique me! looooove me! So what do you think I did today with my day off? Yup coated the entire house with sanding dust.... As usual, too preoccupied with starting to bother with thinking about the mess... 

To back track a little, I had thought about it a tad. But it was 11 degrees Celsius outside so there was no way I was going to bundle up to go out there to sand it down. Plus its been raining lately a lot so the ground is unbelievably soggy- I'm surprised my grass hasn't drowned. 

So here is my progress!! 

Table before.

Sourced some extra hands to help sand this baby back 

Well sanded top and lightly sanded legs

White primer undercoat on the top

The essentials to a good paint job... 

Lifted the legs up on old books 

One leg done, three to go...

 Called in some more hands... I really must invest in some better looking painting clothes! Hello Mc Scruffy. 

Table with the top primer done, legs top coat done.  This is where we are up to. 4 Chairs to go and top coats on the table top. 

So not done yet, but the progress is very exciting!!