Friday, April 13, 2012

Project: Instant Well Loved Candles

It has been a big week, we completely rearranged the garage, yes remember that mess of a photo I ashamedly showed you? Well it looks half decent now... as decent as a garage can look still storing a bunch of stuff and providing a workable area to create music in. 

In amongst the chaos of the "clean up and out" I remembered I had these two cute home brew beer bottles stashed away in my craft box for some day when I had the time and desire to do something with them. A gush of creativity on a dinner break meant that those two bottles were about to get used!

Beer Bottle Candle Deco

On a regular day I would have probably gone out and got some long candles and fitted them and left them on the table with a romantic dinner for my handsome husband and I once the kids were asleep. Let the wax drip down melodically and gracefully layering itself and cooling in that beautiful pattern that we all love so much. 

But, alas, time is at the minimal, and you guessed it- I cant wait that long to get the effect I want! especially with two very young kids (Milla in particular) who would think it was their birthday and feel the need to blow out the candles and hooray themselves three times every time I tried to light them.

Renamed: Instant well used Beer Bottle Candle Deco's

Tea candles, matches and a small knife. 
Cut a tea light candle smaller to fit the top of the bottle

Take a different tea light candle and drip the wax lovingly down the sides. I think I used 3 other tea light candles to do the dripping.

Two Beer bottles sittin' on the wall....

Almost look like melted ice creams, yummy.