Monday, April 23, 2012

Project: Easy Canvas Art

The smell of paint fumes (although water based is a lot easier to handle than oil based) is quite strong throughout our house, one wall is completed with 2 coats all dry, fifty billion more walls and coats to go! Ha! Cream walls were everywhere in our house- except for the downstairs bathroom and laundry which is my favourite colour Duck Egg Blue.

But now! We have shades of grey happening!! Dulux Tranquil Retreat Grey and Signature Grey and my beloved Vivid White. I am so in love with it and happy that we have made the change. I don't feel like its dark and dreary anymore, but rather calm and fresh (and clean!!) walls. 

I have had 3 blank canvases floating around our garage for so, so long. I have held onto them knowing that one day I would think of something-- Anything! to do with them. Our new feature wall was crying out for a little abstract art. 

Easy Canvas Art

Start with blank canvases, I had 3. 

Grab some painters blue tape.  This one is Scotch Blue with Edge Lock by 3M. 
Do some lines where ever you like.

Dandelion Yellow and tape

Roller brush on your paint colour of choice, take the tape off as its drying. Be careful not to smudge the paint. (Can you see where I didn't push the tape down properly? oh well, it's Character)

Turns out something like this!

Up on our wonderful wall!! 
It is actually hung straight- my photography skill, however, need improving! 

Super easy and very effective!! 

I'll post the whole room soon! Promise!