Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Very Own Domain Name

So did you test it out? If you didn't, go back and type it again... ... yes that's right I have done a little shifty shift over to having my own domain name. No more (although that will still work if you do type it)  Yes, Yes, off you go, try it again... But remember to come back OK? 

It's the small things in life that make me excited. This little journey into blog land has been so very exciting and daunting and all together awesome, much of it due to all you wonderful people who read me and my ramblings. Also to my hubby who allows bloggy to steal some of his wife's attention (to the moon and back my love! xx) 

Feel free to become my bloggy friend (Google Friend Connect) the more the merrier, follow on Facebook, Twitter, many many options in this very connected world of ours. I enjoy and love your comments and emails! Keep them coming!  

On an unrelated note, I finished the undercoat of the lounge room walls- tranquil retreat- I am loving it. Dirty-marked-unloved-bland-cream be gone. I cannot wait to do a top coat! I need to move towards being complete so I don't feel bad about starting a new pallet wood project ... or two! Ha! Must finish already started projects!!! 

You want to know what I'm gonna make don't you? well surprises. hehe you'll just have to wait. 

Be creative, try something new and above all- You are more capable than you think!!! 

From my family to you with love!