Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!

Hope you're having an EGGcellent Easter! (Oh yes pun intended!) and I think you're Eggceptional!

Our family has had a great Easter. We had a surprise visit from Grandma who makes the best cupcakes in the world, and has the grace to have Milla help make these delicious delights. 

Easter Saturday was of course spent at the hardware shop. The shop, my favourite one, had a jumping castle, face painting and crafts... no wonder my kids love it! Milla asks me nearly every day "What day is it Mummy?" and I reply with what day it is and she asks "Is it a Bunnings day??!!" - love it! 

Picked up a few meters of pine to seal our garage doors- which is another interesting adventure story all together. Remind me to tell you how the hook got in the ceiling one day! 

The Easter bunny didn't leave any eggs for the kids this year, instead they got presents; a DVD and a new baby book. We decided to go to the after Easter egg sales instead, then we can get twice the amount of chocolate! As for real egg decorating, alas, we couldn't do that either, Phoenix is very allergic to them.

Instead we bounced on the trampoline and blew bubbles in the back yard and Milla "I'm very busy with Crafts" made an Easter Hat with her bestie. 

In honour of all things Easter here is the best Church notice board I've ever seen!  

Nek Minnit!
Enjoy your Easter weekend xx