Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Grand Project: Garagio

Wow! I have just realised that you can be standing in a room and not realise just how cluttered it is until you step back and take a photo. We have just embarked on a mammoth task of renovating our double garage into 3 separate spaces. Studio (more commonly known as The Garagio), Laundry/storage/my inside workshop and Studio storage/vocal booth (or something like that- I am obviously not the muso in the family! Ha!)

Currently it is being used as a make-shift studio and crap gathering junk holder storage space. But woah! I just took a before photo and got the shock of a life time. It really is jam packed full of stuff! I wonder if this is what people see when they walk in? Rather than the familiar space that I'm used to seeing. Oh well...

The good news about all the chaos is that we have started. We have started!! Yay!! Finalising designs and ideas and putting decisions in stone about how it will look. The actual start that we have made is not huge but it is getting the ball moving along and that seems to have been all it's needed to get this party started. 

We removed the first garage door mechanism and disabled the doors movement by boarding it up. Yeah! There was two reasons we did this: 1. I hated the look of the garage door mechanisms and 2. Seemed logical. OK maybe three: 3. I didn't want David (or anyone else in there) to knock their head on the silly metal that poked out... Sheesh! four reasons: 4. To make some more temporary space in the existing studio. Wow I really should think these numbers through before deciding how many reasons I have. 

On the left is the door open close mechanism. Big, bulky and really dangerous to noggins.
On the right its been removed and stabilised with pine. We will seal any gaps and weather proof it real well.

Cause I can! My love!!!

OK... take a deep breath. This is the chaos state that it is in after doing the first set of doors. Granted it's usually a lot more functional than this, but... Yuck! Here is the (almost) Before!! 
The other door can remain functional so that we can bring any building materials through it.

It's a huge project, and it's going to take a while to build, but, I am beyond excited that it has started... no matter how small- it has begun!!!