Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crafty Day Out

It's school holidays at the moment, which doesn't really effect us yet, except that the shopping centres are way more busier than normal. But it does mean that school holiday free activities are on! Yay for free activities and crafts!! 

So while one of my Besties and I stood watch and chatted our girls did crafts at Bunnings. Today's theme was Winter. Snowflakes with glitter, paint and googly-eyes, warm fires and igloos.  I just love seeing the munchkins in their mini aprons concentrating so hard on putting glitter sparkles on every inch of their creation. Milla is very proud of her designs and it always requires presentation once Daddy gets home from work to admire it. 

Jiana and Milla decorating the snowflakes

Phoenix did craft! This is the first time he wanted to join in! 

Love that both my babies are creative! Express it baby yeah!! 

This particular snowflake has one giant googly-eye plopped right in the centre. 


*Not promoting store, just a convenient way for my kids to love hardware shops! Ha! Although Mr Bunnings a sponsorship would be awesome!! I'd get a lot more done! Oh well.